Interstate Highway accidents/wrongful deaths

Over the weekend a college soccer player where my son goes to school was killed in an automobile accident on the interstate highway. Her passenger was killed too. These two wrongful deaths were caused by a drunk driver who survived the crash. The urge to “make some sense” out of these car accidents and the resulting deaths is unstoppable for everyone close to these young women. For folks not close to these families the accident and deaths is a sad warning of how dangerous driving can be, but gives little more pause for reflection.
I encourage everyone to reflect on these situations a little more if for no other reason to make yourself a little safer. These families may make a financial recovery, and the negligent driver will likely spend a good deal of time in prison for DUI manslaughter. Perhaps the place that sold the alcohol can be made partially responsible. Many in the public rail away and criticize our negligence law system. Does anyone doubt that a bar might have some responsibility to watch drunken patrons go to parking lots, get in cars and onto the interstate. Who doesn’t think that a bar having to pay a significant financial judgement would encourage the bar that is making so much money off the drunk to at least take some measure to discourage their customer from hopping on the interstate in a dangerous instrumentality- a car?