Personal Injury Law – Gainesville, FL

Personal Injury law covers a wide range of unique areas of law. Car accidents resulting in injuries, property damages, lost wages, scarring, future medical care, loss of ability to earn in the future trigger application of very specific laws. These same laws will not be triggered when these damages are the result of a slip and fall, or from injuries caused by a dangerous condition on someones property. Medical malpractice laws also trigger a unique set of laws which can result in the inability to pursue legal action if these laws are not carefully followed. Even bicycle accidents where cars are involved will trigger unique remedies which can be lost. The same can be said for injuries from dog bites.

If you suffer an injury that you believe someone else is responsible for, or perhaps partially responsible for, it is important to get a free consultation as soon after the incident as possible so that your rights are protected. This consultation is can be important in getting valuable evidence which might otherwise be lost or destroyed. At Springfield Law, PA I have gotten valuable video evidence the day after a fall; I have sent private investigators out to contact witnesses to document the causes of slip and falls, motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, workers compensation injuries, and crime scenes. All that evidence proved helpful in representing my clients.

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