Trial Practice – Gainesville, FL

When lawyers include “Trial Practice” in the description of the services offered we refer generally to adversarial contested disputes which are resolved through a process where rules and regulations control what evidence comes before an impartial fact finder, most often a judge or jury. Trial practice can be in a variety of forums. Most people associate this practice with the court room where a jury is sitting hearing evidence. At Springfield Law P.A. we do our share of that, but we also handle trails where a judge’s job is to decide what facts to rely on and who will apply those reliable facts to the law, and no jury is involved. This process can occur in circuit courts, county courts, in workers compensation venues, administrative law courts and others.

Because trials are so expensive and often unpredictable our aim is to prepare for litigation but engage in mediation. Mediation is the effort to resolve disputes without the expense and unpredictability of trial. Having the trial experience and willingness to go to trial will sometimes encourage settlement.

There are cases where a trial lawyer is going to be needed. The sooner that person is consulted the better advise you will get and usually the better the outcome. If you find yourself sued or for whatever reason are a party to a contested and adversarial matter call Springfield Law P.A. for a consultation. We will prepare to litigate and be willing to mediate.