Florida Bar Rule regulating contingent fees

(f) Contingent Fees. As to contingent fees: (1) A fee may be contingent on the outcome of the matter for which the service is rendered, except in a matter in which a contingent fee is prohibited by subdivision (f)(3) or by law. A contingent fee agreement shall be in writing and shall state the method … Continue reading “Florida Bar Rule regulating contingent fees”

fracking in florida

Fracking in Florida? The rapidly growing practice of hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking,” has incited significant debate. Some argue that this technology, which involves extracting hard-to-get natural gas and oil deposits by injecting water, sand, and chemicals into wells in order to fracture rock and recover these energy sources, provides substantial revenue and jobs, … Continue reading “fracking in florida”


Part I: “No, you don’t own the water” It is no secret that water is very important to all of us. Unfortunately, the fact that water supply problems are growing is no secret either these days. We all need water for drinking and other domestic/household purposes, and we need water for agriculture (the biggest consumer), … Continue reading “BASIC WATER LAW”

Social security disability applications going forward

According to the Social Security Administration over the ten years between 2001 and 2010, applications for Social Security disability benefits increased 250%. The percentage of favorable awards of disability benefits over that same time declined from 46.1% to 35.7% (as a percent of all applications). The last five years has seen a 28% increase in … Continue reading “Social security disability applications going forward”

Social Security tightens down on disability claims

Objective medical evidence of degenerative disc disease, diabetes, COPD, depression and other mental health issues, back problems, congestive heart failure, kidney disease, liver disease, Hep-C, fibromyalgia, learning disabilities, chronic pain, PTSD, peripheral artery disease, can all lead to the inability to work. These conditions can cause a wide range of limitations. The judges who decide … Continue reading “Social Security tightens down on disability claims”

Fibromyalgia and Social security disability SSR 12-2p

POLICY INTERPRETATION RULING SSR 12-2p: Titles II and XVI: Evaluation of Fibromyalgia Purpose: This Social Security Ruling (SSR) provides guidance on how we develop evidence to establish that a person has a medically determinable impairment (MDI) of fibromyalgia (FM), and how we evaluate FM in disability claims and continuing disability reviews under titles II and … Continue reading “Fibromyalgia and Social security disability SSR 12-2p”

Vet’s can also be eligible for Social Security benefits

I usually have 4 or 5 open Social Security cases in which the applicant is a military veteran with a disability connected to his or her service. Some of these veterans are receiving income benefits. Veterans of US military service who are drawing disability payments from the VA have gone through a rigorous process to … Continue reading “Vet’s can also be eligible for Social Security benefits”

Future of social security

The link here is to an article that addresses the future of social security. There is a lot of misinformation out there. This article seems written without bias or hidden agendas. Lawyers advocating for disability applicants can improve your chances if you find the need to apply. Back problems, depression, PTSD, bi-polar, other mental health … Continue reading “Future of social security”

Applying for SSDI

I have read people considering applying for social security often postpone the application decision until after the holiday. Let me encourage you to not delay. The application can be started on line at www.ssa.gov. The great majority of applications need appeals. The appeals process can be time consuming. Get the time clock started. You will … Continue reading “Applying for SSDI”