fracking in florida

Fracking in Florida? The rapidly growing practice of hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking,” has incited significant debate. Some argue that this technology, which involves extracting hard-to-get natural gas and oil deposits by injecting water, sand, and chemicals into wells in order to fracture rock and recover these energy sources, provides substantial revenue and jobs, … Continue reading “fracking in florida”


ANOTHER UPDATE ON FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT CO.’S NATURAL GAS PIPELINE Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC, the company contracted by Florida Power & Light Co. to build the biggest part of a major interstate natural gas pipeline extending through most of the peninsula of Florida, continues to work towards completing the planning phase for the pipeline. … Continue reading “ANOTHER UPDATE ON FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT CO.’S NATURAL GAS PIPELINE”

Basic Florida water law III

BASIC WATER LAW Part III: Florida’s Water Law Innovations ​Like the other eastern states, Florida traditionally followed the Riparian Doctrine. Early attempts to address water management in Florida were mainly focused on surface water drainage, since Florida was wet and water was often seen as a nuisance. However, a variety of problems began to emerge … Continue reading “Basic Florida water law III”

Florida water Law

FLORIDA WATER LAW By Attorneys Jennifer Burdick Springfield and Alexander Boswell-Ebersole Springfield Law, P.A. October 2013 Eastern versus Western Water Law Two traditional water law systems, which originally only addressed surface water, correspond geographically with the western and eastern United States, roughly divided along the 100th meridian (which runs north-south through states like Texas, Nebraska, … Continue reading “Florida water Law”