Future of social security

The link here is to an article that addresses the future of social security. There is a lot of misinformation out there. This article seems written without bias or hidden agendas. Lawyers advocating for disability applicants can improve your chances if you find the need to apply. Back problems, depression, PTSD, bi-polar, other mental health … Continue reading “Future of social security”

Applying for SSDI

I have read people considering applying for social security often postpone the application decision until after the holiday. Let me encourage you to not delay. The application can be started on line at www.ssa.gov. The great majority of applications need appeals. The appeals process can be time consuming. Get the time clock started. You will … Continue reading “Applying for SSDI”

Bicyclist hit by SUV-Gainesville Sun reprint

Below is an article from the Gainesville Sun about a bicyclist struck by an SUV. Not surprising is the reported suffering of serious personal injuries. This was a night time accident in an area very near apartments where many U of F graduate students live. It is another cautionary story to share the road; for … Continue reading “Bicyclist hit by SUV-Gainesville Sun reprint”

motorcycle accidents; deaths and injuries

http://www.gainesville.com/article/20121130/ARTICLES/121139970/1139/frontpage?Title=Many-were-hurt-at-Gatorback-event-in-which-racer-died- The link above is to an concerning article from the Gainesville Sun today concerning motorcycle accidents occurring at a motocross event. I would love the opportunity to review the liability release documents the event sponsors have participants sign. Releases signed by minors raises issues as does releases signed by only one parent. I suspect … Continue reading “motorcycle accidents; deaths and injuries”

national academy of social insurance; question/answer on Social security future

Quick Answers to Common Questions about Social Security to accompany Social Security Finances: Findings of the 2012 Trustees Report Social Security Brief #39, April 2012 1. Social Security is going to spend more money this year on benefits than it will collect in payroll taxes. Does that mean it’s going broke? No. Unlike in the early 1980s, and … Continue reading “national academy of social insurance; question/answer on Social security future”