Fungal meningitis claims continue.

Ten more people have been diagnosed with fungal meningitis, bringing the grand total of cases up to 308—including the first case in Georgia, which becomes the 17th state to report an infection. Thus far, the outbreak has killed 23 people.  The statute of limitations for wrongful death claims is much shorter than traditional statute of limitations … Continue reading “Fungal meningitis claims continue.”

Workers comp claims into Personal injuries into Social security claims

On occasion injuries from a work related accident can result in personal injury claims against a negligent person who is not a co-worker (co-workers generally receive immunity from these claims as does the employer) or against the manufacturer of a product that caused an injury. For instance you might be hit in a car accident … Continue reading “Workers comp claims into Personal injuries into Social security claims”

Lawyer Referral Services; Words of Caution

This year I have represented three individuals who had been represented in personal injuries cases, or social security disability cases by lawyers they learned of and were referred to from the television.  These clients were unhappy with the services for several reasons. One reason common to all three was that the client never got to … Continue reading “Lawyer Referral Services; Words of Caution”

Medical Product Methylprednisolone acetate connected to Marion County wrongful death

A day after the Gainesville Sun ran an article on fungal meningitis occurrences in Florida it is reporting today on the wrongful death of another man who had lived in Marion County. This death is reportedly connected to the medical product methylprednisolone acetate, the steroid injected into patients backs for pain relief. The news article … Continue reading “Medical Product Methylprednisolone acetate connected to Marion County wrongful death”

Contaminated steroid shots.

Gainesville Sun reports 1,038 people have received shots from pain clinics in Florida which are linked to the contamination causing fungal meningitis.  Early treatment is the key to minimizing the consequences. The shots are associated with treatment of back pain. The formal name for the compound is methylprednisolone acetate.  Florida Surgeon General Dr. John Armstrong … Continue reading “Contaminated steroid shots.”

Contingent fee arrangements, when to use.

Contingent fee arrangements are not always useful, necessary or appropriate. Ask about why it is necessary for your case before signing on. Below is an interesting article I found on the internet. “A Lawyer’s Fee Shall Be Reasonable”: The Contingent Fee — Its Usage and Past and Present Criticism By Molly Vakulskas Joly November 9, … Continue reading “Contingent fee arrangements, when to use.”