Bicyclist hit by SUV-Gainesville Sun reprint

Below is an article from the Gainesville Sun about a bicyclist struck by an SUV. Not surprising is the reported suffering of serious personal injuries. This was a night time accident in an area very near apartments where many U of F graduate students live. It is another cautionary story to share the road; for … Continue reading “Bicyclist hit by SUV-Gainesville Sun reprint”

motorcycle accidents; deaths and injuries The link above is to an concerning article from the Gainesville Sun today concerning motorcycle accidents occurring at a motocross event. I would love the opportunity to review the liability release documents the event sponsors have participants sign. Releases signed by minors raises issues as does releases signed by only one parent. I suspect … Continue reading “motorcycle accidents; deaths and injuries”

Fla. Highway Patrol; Share the Road with Bicycles

I have copied and pasted below a page from the website of the Florida Highway Patrol. The link to the site is in our links if you’d like to visit their site. Bike on car accidents can result in the worst personal injuries. Wearing a helmet is crucial to minimizing injuries. I have ridden recreationally … Continue reading “Fla. Highway Patrol; Share the Road with Bicycles”

Motorcycle accidents now becoming Tricycle accidents

ABC news recently ran a story about the increasing popularity of tricycles that the baby boomer generation is turning to for recreational transportation. These tricycles are high powered fast vehicles that may seem more stable than motorcycles. I am seeing many of these vehicles in the Gainesville area. Tricycle accidents even at low speeds are … Continue reading “Motorcycle accidents now becoming Tricycle accidents”

Qui tam actions: whistleblowers with real remedies

A collegue and I were recently discussing false claims against the government. If you’re aware of and fed up with abuse you should know there are remedies private citizens can pursue.¬†Qui tam actions allow a private individual with knowledge of fraud against the federal government to file suit against the alleged wrongdoer(s) in the name … Continue reading “Qui tam actions: whistleblowers with real remedies”

personal injury lawyers gainesville

Automobile accidents, trip and falls, nursing home neglect or products liability all might have you looking for a lawyer. Often that search starts with a television commercial. Don’t let the search end there. Have a face to face meeting with the lawyer, knowing there is no obligation to hire him or her. Go in to … Continue reading “personal injury lawyers gainesville”

Auto accidents and personal injury protection

Laws regulating claims for injuries arising from automobile accidents vary from state to state. Florida is called a “no fault” injury state. The name comes from the laws that require that everyone who owns a car have insurance that pays for the first $10,000 medical bills or lost wages. These monies are available to the … Continue reading “Auto accidents and personal injury protection”

Fire Damages and personal injuries

The cold season has arrived. Be careful with space heaters, wood burning stoves, fireplaces, any device used to heat the home. These can all be deadly or cause substantial property loss. There is a reason we see public service announcements every year about this time. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of … Continue reading “Fire Damages and personal injuries”

Florida meningitis claims continue to rise

The Gainesville Sun reported The Florida Department of Health has confirmed another case of meningitis in the Alachua/Marion County areas. This case is said to be in a man who received a pain shot 5 weeks ago. Dr. Armstrong, the state health secretary said the average incubation period is 14 to 81 days. Three of … Continue reading “Florida meningitis claims continue to rise”