Fungal meningitis claims continue.

Ten more people have been diagnosed with fungal meningitis, bringing the grand total of cases up to 308—including the first case in Georgia, which becomes the 17th state to report an infection. Thus far, the outbreak has killed 23 people. 

The statute of limitations for wrongful death claims is much shorter than traditional statute of limitations in Florida. Those who can make claims are defined by law.  Florida Statue 768.16 and those that follow address wrongful death laws in Florida. There is a link to the online statutes for your convenience.

Disclaimer:  This reference is to part of the 2012 version of Florida Statutes and it is offered for general information purposes.  The statutes on this site should not be relied on without reviewing your legal situation with an experienced lawyer and making sure you are using the appropriate version of the statute for your case.  The provisions applicable to your potential claim may or may not be the version that was in effect at the time of the incident because some changes to statutes are retroactive and some changes are not.  Other statutes and other case law interpreting or applying these statutes may also apply to your case.