most common mistakes applying for social security

In todays work environment employees at social security offices are increasingly asked to do more and more work without increase pay or improved working conditions. Failing to realize these working conditions can make processing your application harder than it already is. The applicant who wants to give his or her claim the best chance needs to make it as easy as possible. Surprisingly getting medical records from your doctors offices into the social security files is not alway done. You can help your claim by getting as many of your records as possible, organize them by the doctor, and take them to the social security office. The second thing you can do is more difficult, but even more helpful. Ask as many of your doctors as you can get to describe the activity restrictions you should follow. Most of the time these physical restrictions are not a routine part of a doctors records, but these restrictions are critical to the social security administrations evaluation of your claim. You can get forms off the social security administration’s website which make it much easier for a doctor to document your restrictions. Check our links.