Auto Accidents on Vacations.

With this upcoming holiday season and the travels it often brings for many, I thought I’d remind travelers of the common sense precautions to take. From my own experience rushing to get places and do things seem to make me most accident prone. Do your best to make plenty of time for whatever the travel demands, a longer road trip, or a shorter quick trip for shopping. When I’m in a hurry it seems my patience for others is shorter and I get less careful. Hurrying up rarely saves more than a small amount of time and increases the risk of a ton more delay and expense. Often travel conditions are more hazardous at holiday times because of increased traffic and or inclement weather. These conditions magnify the risks associated with hurrying around. The precautions for increased traffic and inclement weather are really the same for those needed from rushing around so you get a extra measure of safety from allowing plenty of time for the travel.

If you are so unfortunate to have an accident away from your home and have to look for an attorney in Gainesville, Florida or some other city take care selecting one. We are all on the internet, and of course the internet is not a bad starting place but is only a starting point. Sit down with the attorney and discuss your situation. I have talked with many people who are unhappy after having hired someone through phone contact and mailing contracts only to learn many of these firms depend on high volume case turnover. Be selective. If you are paying 33.33% of the settlement to an attorney you should get that attorney’s time and attention. Don’t let the holiday rush that contributed to an accident cause you to rush into hiring someone who wants to rush through your case.

Be patient, go slow, take your time; the holidays will be better.