Auto accidents; I-75; and out of town lawyers.

Driving around Gainesville today I drove under I-75. South bound traffic was at a stand still. I went north bound on the interstate and saw traffic backed up standing still for several miles. Paynes Prairie is just south of the entrance (Williston Road) I got on, so the accident was likely on the prairie. Traffic conditions were moderately heavy and the weather over cast with on and off again rain. If claims are made as is likely some will call lawyer referral services like Ask Gary or 411 PAIN. Some will call the large firms from south Florida which advertise state wide but don’t have offices in the jurisdictions where claims are litigated if unresovled pre-suit.
I realize it is self serving for me to write it, but claims handled by these lawyers whose offices are outside the cities where the case might be litigated are at a disadvantage. Insurance adjusters know when these lawyers get cases through referral services or through state wide advertising and they know those lawyers are much less likely to file the law suit to get the “fair” resolution for their client. For these firms the “business” is all about getting and settling cases not digging in and doing the hard work necessary to get the best result. I have handled several cases over the last year after the out of town lawyer fired the client who refused the settlement offer and wanted to go to court.
Let me suggest a simple test; if the lawyer you are considering hiring wants to MAIL you the contingent fee contract, rather than come meet you and explain the process in person you should think twice before hiring that lawyer and at least get a second opinion from local counsel. The insurance industry keeps track. They know which firms will see the case through. You are going to have to see the case through, get a lawyer who will too. If you’ve been injured in an accident, need help getting PIP benefits, or property damages paid, rental vehicle coverage or most importantly compensation for permanent personal injuries consult a lawyer near the accident scene. The adjusters know the local lawyer is more likely to see your case through.