Florida Springs, Plum Creek, and Minimum Flows

The St. John’s River Water Management District is gearing up to reconsider “acceptable” minimum flow levels of important waterbodies in North central Florida. This process begins in early 2014. Check out their website for dates, times and location. This “minimum flow” concept and it’s RE-establishment is crucial to the evaluation of the Plum Creek plan. I say “RE-establishment” because the District has minimum flow levels set right now. It is my understanding these levels simply cannot be enforced so they plan to just lower the level.

The Gainesville Sun recently has published and continues to write about the springs in North Central Florida. This is a very worthy environmental and indeed economic issue to the region. But, the minimum flow issue is yet to be decided. Focusing on it now instead of after the decisions are made can lead to a more thorough examination of the water levels affecting us all. Write the Sun; ask what they know; are they planning to cover it? Encourage their publisher to get out in front of the issue instead of writing the post-mortum.