national academy of social insurance; question/answer on Social security future

Quick Answers to Common Questions about Social Security to accompany Social Security Finances: Findings of the 2012 Trustees Report Social Security Brief #39, April 2012 1. Social Security is going to spend more money this year on benefits than it will collect in payroll taxes. Does that mean it’s going broke? No. Unlike in the early 1980s, and … Continue reading “national academy of social insurance; question/answer on Social security future”

No Fault Auto Insurance; Holiday Drivng

  Thanksgiving begins a time of year when we all drive a little more often than usual and at times when we might be hurried. Taking I-75 to get from one end of town to another driving at higher speeds can make accidents especially dangerous. Collisions at these speeds can ruin holidays, sometimes causing wrongful … Continue reading “No Fault Auto Insurance; Holiday Drivng”

Disability applications; causes of disability

When applying for social security disability be sure to include every illness or condition that contributes in any way to your difficulty for working. Depression, Bi-polar disorder, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), schizophrenia, and other psychiatric illnesses are often the basis for disability. When these conditions are combined with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease, … Continue reading “Disability applications; causes of disability”

most common mistakes applying for social security

In todays work environment employees at social security offices are increasingly asked to do more and more work without increase pay or improved working conditions. Failing to realize these working conditions can make processing your application harder than it already is. The applicant who wants to give his or her claim the best chance needs … Continue reading “most common mistakes applying for social security”

Claimant’s representatives vs. claimant’s attorneys

Some who appeal the social security administrations denial of their application for disability insurance benefits (SSDI) or supplemental security income benefits (SSI) do not always understand who they have hired to represent them. A representative at the Hearing level conducted in front of an Administrative Law Judge need not be a licensed lawyer. Non-lawyer representatives … Continue reading “Claimant’s representatives vs. claimant’s attorneys”

Disability denials up.

The internet allows lawyers from all across the country that represent claimants to compare notes on how cases are being decided. Every last one shares the opinion that it has never been harder to get a favorable ruling. If you apply for social security disability insurance or supplemental security income and are denied push back, … Continue reading “Disability denials up.”

Credibility critical to Disability determinations

When discussing appealing the denial of a social security disability application I will have a 90 minute to two hour conversation with clients in my Gainesville office. One important topic we discuss is credibility before the Administrative Law Judge. Often cases are decided by whether the judge believes the claimant’s symptoms are as serious as … Continue reading “Credibility critical to Disability determinations”

Workers comp claims into Personal injuries into Social security claims

On occasion injuries from a work related accident can result in personal injury claims against a negligent person who is not a co-worker (co-workers generally receive immunity from these claims as does the employer) or against the manufacturer of a product that caused an injury. For instance you might be hit in a car accident … Continue reading “Workers comp claims into Personal injuries into Social security claims”

Social Security Disability Law

When I sit down with new clients in Gainesville or anywhere to discuss appeals of the denial of their SSDI or SSI applications one misunderstanding that recurs is believing that proof of being unable to perform past work will entitle an applicant to disability benefits. While this proof is necessary, an applicant must also prove that … Continue reading “Social Security Disability Law”

Lawyer Referral Services; Words of Caution

This year I have represented three individuals who had been represented in personal injuries cases, or social security disability cases by lawyers they learned of and were referred to from the television.  These clients were unhappy with the services for several reasons. One reason common to all three was that the client never got to … Continue reading “Lawyer Referral Services; Words of Caution”